Why Luxury Philanthropic Travel

Our Mission

To transform you by giving you confidence in the future through making a philanthropic difference on a sustainable luxury adventure

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Our Mission

To provide you with a truly transformational ultra-high end sustainable luxury travel experience where your philanthropic donations make a difference.

Be the Change, and Be Changed


You have made it in life. You have seen Machu Picchu, conquered Kilimanjaro, dived the Great Barrier Reef, been on safari, luxuriated in 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets in your private villa in Cabo.

You have savored the finest Chiantis in Tuscany, Cabernets in Franschhoek, Pinot Noirs in Otago, and Malbecs in Mendoza. You are on first name terms with the golf pros of Valderama and Augusta, and the spa therapists in all the Amans and Six Senses around the world.

Sure, it was amazing. Refreshing. But now what? What’s next?

Read on and discover now how your next luxury trip can transform your life.

You come home from your trip. You find yourself telling your friends and family about your recent luxury trip and you bore yourself with your own details. Because it sounds kinda similar to everything else you have done and experienced…and similar to what your friends have done.

What if the next time, you had not only the best of best of luxury, you could be part of an epic story that changes the world, actually makes a difference, and you come home with tales your friends and family will be mesmerized by for decades because you weren’t just a bystander, you were building a legacy worth talking about…

You’ve heard it said that it is better to give than receive…but is this true?

My name is Chris and I am going to show you how the new step in luxury travel will enable you to be a better person…transforming you and helping you to make a lasting difference.

After 12 years of crafting luxury itineraries for my clients, I have discovered the secret to making travel – and life – fulfilling, for you.

Read on and find out how you can unlock unique experiences that transform your life, and give a new lease of life to an endangered species or community, all in sustainable luxury.

You want more than incredible experiences (though of course you want these as well): you crave something meaningful to which you can connect on the most personal level, and in doing so, undergo an actual transformation.

As the International Luxury Travel Market reports, “transformational travel is the biggest disruption to luxury since the dawn of boutique and lifestyle hotels in the 1980’s.”

You can experience the joy of “one upmanship” by sharing the most sublime, adventurous, exciting, creative and unique trip with your peers, and with the unique method I will tell you about, you can also experience happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment.

You can experience travel motivated by a shift in perspective, self-reflection and development, and a deeper communion with family, friends, nature and culture.

You may say that transformational luxury travel is just another fad dreamed up by marketers, but I assure you that over 12 years of designing luxury trips, when these trips change you, they stick with you, and you’ll never look back.

What can this look like?

“I founded Impact Destinations to give you the opportunity to not only see amazing sights and stay in incredible hotels, but also to be transformed by making a difference through your philanthropic donation.

Now you can feel more confident about the future and have inspiring stories to tell your friends after playing a role in your chosen experience, such as:

  • saving the life of a rhino as you pay for – and get to witness – its relocation from a heavily poached reserve in South Africa to a safer park in Botswana
  • safeguarding the future of an orangutan as you pay for – and get to participate in – its relocation from a deforested area to a sustainable location in Indonesia
  • conserving snow leopards by donating to their security and get to track them in the Indian Himalayas
  • uplifting and restoring dignity to homeless and refugees by donating to community kitchens and seeing how they operate and enjoy a cooking Masterclass with a Michelin starred chef

I am passionate about you having remarkable travel experiences. Expect to have a transformational luxury trip with us, while at the same time making a lasting difference to your chosen cause. Thats why we are Impact Destinations: transformational luxury adventures that create a better future.”

What our clients say about us

Incredible Experience

“My wife and I wanted to travel through Chile, Bolivia and Peru and were slightly daunted by the logistics of organising such a varied trip.

John Resse, USA

Best Trip Organiser

Chris was incredibly helpful not only mapping out the most exciting and engaging trip, but also using his extensive personal knowledge of the best things to do. They were reassuringly efficient in organising the trip, monitoring how we were doing during the trip and making adjustments to improve the trip.

Tracy Williams, UK

Fantastic Memories

Chris’s passion and enthusiasm encouraged us to do things we wouldn't have thought to do, which gave us fantastic memories of the trip of a lifetime.”

Tony Thomas, USA

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