Airstream Camper – Bolivia

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Airstream Camper – Bolivia

Total freedom to explore is a rare pleasure these days. It doesn’t come much more fun exploring this extraordinary landscape than in a classic retro-style Airstream Camper.

Enjoy the services of a private driver, guide and a chef who will cook you dinner as you admire the sunset over the salt flat, before leaving you to enjoy the solitude.

The camper comes equipped with a few luxuries that, out here, are absolutely priceless: a hot-water shower and toilet (complete with toiletries), a heated thermal blanket on a comfortable queen-size bed, as well as i-Pod docking station and a minibar stocked with goodies. The addition of bicycles for touring on two wheels is an awesome addition to enable you additional freedom to explore under your own steam.

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“My wife and I wanted to travel through Chile, Bolivia and Peru and were slightly daunted by the logistics of organising such a varied trip.

John Resse, USA

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Chris was incredibly helpful not only mapping out the most exciting and engaging trip, but also using his extensive personal knowledge of the best things to do. They were reassuringly efficient in organising the trip, monitoring how we were doing during the trip and making adjustments to improve the trip.

Tracy Williams, UK

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Chris’s passion and enthusiasm encouraged us to do things we wouldn't have thought to do, which gave us fantastic memories of the trip of a lifetime.”

Tony Thomas, USA

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