luxury family voluntourism Brazil If you’re planning to take a luxury vacation with your family abroad, consider adding some volunteering to your trip. Family volunteer travel brings not just fulfilment but also consciousness and appreciation for the beauty of other cultures, while teaching you and your kids very important life skills and values. Volunteering for part of a luxury family vacation will bring you closer together and unite you as you make an impact while creating amazing memories as a family. Just imagine going on a luxury adventure in Australia and conserving their iconic kangaroos, or picture your family helping build a home for a low-income family in Cambodia or Guatemala. How about surfing, white-water rafting, or zip lining in Costa Rica and then giving a helping hand at a wildlife conservation center? Now your family truly can enjoy a luxury vacation and make a difference. Volunteering is something you and your children will enjoy and cherish together and will teach your children the value of giving back and instill in their young minds the value of contentment and gratitude. Your children will become more appreciative of what you have provided for them as they realize there are other people who aren’t as lucky as they are, who need their help. This may take you out of your comfort zone but your family will emerge stronger as a result. First steps towards a luxury family volunteer vacation First, decide what you are interested in and how long your travel will be, bearing in mind you can choose how long to volunteer for, and as this is still a vacation, choose what relaxation activities you would like to do. Get in touch with us and tell us about your travel plans. Let us know your interests, requirements, how you would like to help, and what an awesome vacation looks like to you, and we will then be able to create your customized luxury travel itinerary. Build the Excitement Once you’ve decided on where to go, what you will see, and in what way you will make a difference, talk to your children about what to expect. Let them feel your excitement in helping others and explain why it is important and how unique and fulfilling your travel will be. Assure your children that this will be an exciting trip, just like your usual luxury trips but with an extra element that they will treasure forever. On a luxury voluntourism trip, you and your children experience satisfaction and fulfillment from offering yourselves in service to others. You can give yourself a pat on your shoulder when you see that incorporating a volunteering component is both fun and beneficial. When helping those less fortunate becomes part of your children’s lifestyle this shapes the adult that you want them to become.