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Ways You Can Volunteer as a Family

You can instil in your kids’ young minds the value of helping people and volunteer as a family for part of your vacation. Here are four kid-friendly ways you can make a difference as a family.

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1.  Build a home for a needy family – Teenage children especially can roll up their sleeves and make a difference; you can all bond together, interact meaningfully with the locals, and gain insights into their lives. A fantastic way for your kids to appreciate how fortunate they are whilst developing empathy and contentment. You can do this in Guatemala, Cambodia and Zambia.

2. Wildlife conservation or Rescue Center – kids can help by performing
tasks needed to keep the center running: meal preparation, feeding the animals,  helping the resident vet on his regular rounds, and maintaining enclosures. Brilliant for animals lovers, and you will all learn an enormous amount!

Popular locations for wildlife conservation volunteering are Costa Rica, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, New Zealand, and Australia.

3. Medical Clinics – Head to Costa Rica and spend a few days volunteering at a medical clinic caring for refugees from Nicaragua. If you are a physician, this is ideal, but not essential, as all can help with making patients feel comfortable, entering patient data, or taking notes. Another fantastic way to gain insights into the lives of the locals whilst helping them.

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4. Care for Kids (and Renovate) a Daycare Center – Fly to Ecuador and spruce up a day care center in need of some TLC, and your children can assist the permanent caregivers with preparing meals, feeding, teaching and playing with the young children.


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