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COVID Travel Guidelines

We understand that once travel restrictions are lifted, you will want to travel safely. Indeed, your health and safety is our top priority, and we have taken a variety of proactive measures. Our commitment to enriching lives is holistic, meaning not only will you still be able to make a difference, but we will also do our utmost to ensure that you are safe while you are doing this, which includes where you stay, eat and how you travel. We will only recommend hotels, restaurants, and transport providers that comply with WHO guidelines, and continue to refine our health and safety procedures in accordance with best practice. We know how hard it is to be far away from the places you love most to travel to, so check out our social media channels for content that enables you to be an armchair traveler. We hope your desire to connect with and help people and nature is stronger than ever. We look forward to welcoming you back to experience this amazing planet and “being the change”. If you have any questions, get in touch – I promise to personally respond (Christopher Hill, CEO).

How are we handling this for you

We are actively monitoring this evolving situation; we receive daily updates from our in-country partners and monitor official travel advice, primarily from the US State Department and the UK Foreign Office.

If official travel advice recommends against travel to destinations you are booked to travel to (or through), we will help you to reroute or reschedule your itinerary.  If you are already traveling or are about to be traveling, we will have already been in touch with you, and a reminder that you have a 24/7 emergency number while you are traveling. For those clients due to travel in the next 90 days, we are monitoring any changes in travel advice. Irrespective of when you are traveling, we are available to speak about your questions or  concerns.

Most of our clients can still travel to most parts of the world, and those that are, are experiencing no disruptions.
Our priority is your health and wellbeing, and we will do all we can to support you.

Based in the US? Please check the latest Government travel advice: US State Dept travel advice.

Based in the UK? We strongly recommend that all clients monitor the FCO travel advice page. Sign up to receive email alerts for the country you’re visiting: GOV.UK Foreign Travel Advice.

If you’re thinking about traveling again you can book with Hands Up Holidays in complete confidence, giving you full flexibility in your plans.

You can look forward to your next trip knowing you can change your plans if needed.

Our promise – We guarantee you no charge for rescheduling your trip, up to 45 days before departure* – Chris Hill, CEO

You are free to reschedule your trip free of charge, up to 45 days before your departure date*. So you can change your travel dates or even switch you to another destination for no charge.

*Valid for all bookings made from 1st August to 30th September, 2020. Travel dates may be moved to departures up to 31st December 2022.

*In order to secure the best rates it might be that some products are excluded from our flexibility promise, these will be highlighted to you prior to the point of booking.

*Additional charges may be incurred based on changes to your trip such as accommodation and/or seasonality.

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