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Eco-Luxury Ideas for Earth Day

Earth Day was April 22, and the theme this year is ‘invest in our planet’, and I encourage you to do just that by investing in eco-luxury accommodation on your next trip.

Yes, eco-luxury can cost more than ‘regular’ luxury accommodation, but it is worth it. Here’s why. Eco-luxury properties take sustainability seriously, with practices such as:

australia eco-luxury

My team and I have scoured the globe identifying accommodation partners who share our vision for sustainable luxury travel; whilst eco-luxury accommodation options are not available everywhere, I am thrilled that the numbers are increasing.

In my opinion, Costa Rica leads the world in its commitment to eco-luxury, with a large number of sublime properties, including:

costa rica

Thailand also has some excellent eco-luxe resorts, with my favourites being:


Some other eco-luxury options from around the world are:

Kenya – Basecamp Masai Mara has adopted innovative drought mitigation techniques, recycles grey water, has recycled over 2,000kg of plastics, uses solar power, and has launched other income-generating initiatives for the local community


South Africa – The Homestead uses solar power, was constructed with local stones and ethically sourced local wood, uses rainwater, and you can encounter the wildlife in electric vehicles.

Australia – One & Only Wolgan Valley has adopted energy conservation principles, such as LED lighting, sensors, and timers, as well as solar panels for heating and exterior lighting. The resort sources food from local artisan, organic producers, with rainwater providing 70% of drinking water.


Go and invest your travel money in eco-luxury accommodation – the planet will thank you!

Feeling inspired? Get in touch with our team, who are passionate about crafting sustainable eco-luxury itineraries, customized for you.

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