Conserving Wild Salmon – Canada

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Conserving Wild Salmon – Canada

With a donation of $4,000 to The Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society you will be invited on an exclusive wild salmon conservation day. The salmon are the backbone of this entire region and they are a fascinating but threatened species.

You will meet Dr Alexandra Morton who is the most influential researcher and activist for wild salmon on Canada’s west coast, who will guide you on a tour of the Salmon Coast field station before boating to a salmon bearing river with biologist Megan Adams where you will catch a salmon in order to obtain a DNA sample.

Next we head to a bear-hair snag site to collect bear DNA samples and potentially view a bear in their natural habitat.

This is an educational day that combines conservation biology, stunning scenery cruising on the coastline and bear viewing with experienced and enigmatic biologists along to inform and inspire. This experience is suited for wildlife enthusiasts and anyone interested in the scientific aspect of the Canadian coastline.

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