Exploring with a conservationist – Costa Rica

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Exploring with a conservationist – Costa Rica

Your host

Land and forests are the life support systems of the planet, and nobody embodies this belief more than legendary conservationist, evolutionary ecologist and biologist Daniel Janzen, otherwise known as the Darwin of Conservation.

Daniel felt the call to adventure in the 1980’s when he grew alarmed at the rapid rate of deterioration amongst the forests in Costa Rica.  Daniel has been able to conserve a single uninterrupted bio-geographical block of a protected wilderness area consisting of 300,000 acres that encompasses dry tropical forest, rain forest, cloud forest, and the marine regions. His hero’s journey has been to protect the homes of millions of wildlife, ocean life and plant species with the oldest, largest and most successful habitat restoration project in the world.

Your journey

You take a scenic private helicopter ride flying over Area de Conservacia Guanacaste and any clear volcano crater in the Guanacaste Volcanic Mountain range. Weather permitting, you may fly around craters, hover over waterfalls, in between deep jungle valleys and observe the geothermal activity. An expert guide will accompany you and with precise knowledge point out major land formations and focal points of the area in which you are soon to discover and help protect.

How you can help

You will play a vital role in this new world documentation spending the day with Daniel and his team of Parataxonomists. You will help explore the forest collecting specimens, help take photos and even learn how to document DNA samples and maybe, just maybe, this will be a day that a new species is discovered!

After an exciting and rewarding day you will spend the evening enjoying dinner with Daniel. There is no shortage of stories from Daniel. You will be on the edge of your seat listening in awe as this eccentric and energetic character shares how one way he grew this forest was simply with orange peels or how he once pulled a seven-pound baby deer from the stomach of a six-pound, five-foot-long boa constrictor!

After dinner, travel back into the night forest. Being in the jungle at night is an experience unto itself. The sounds of the night forest have been scientifically proven to bring the mind into the here and now when we allow our senses to absorb the sounds to become part of nature and the forces of life. With the night orchestra as the background music, a white sheet and fluorescent UV lights (black lights) as his baton, Daniel conducts hundred of moths, butterflies and other night insects in a dance with the night.

Having spent the day as an active participant in the transformation of the planet, you will leave this unique place yourself transformed.

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