Hammerhead Shark conservation – Costa Rica

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Hammerhead Shark conservation – Costa Rica

You will feel as though you are in a scene from the award winning documentary Shark Water and in a way, you are.

Just off the Osa Peninsula, you board your luxury yacht and join marine biologists and research teams in their tagging and tracking efforts of the Hammerhead Shark, spending the day in one of the largest marine protected areas in the world, the Golfo Dulce.

The yacht will make it’s way to a river mouth that is important as both a nursery area and a foraging and refuge habitat for the Hammerhead Shark. Currently, this area is being over-fished for shark finning and in fact, the IUCN Red List considers the Hammerhead Shark as a threatened and endangered species.

“The national park protects these large species, but females go to the coastal areas to have their offspring, which then spend nearly four years in unprotected zones.”

How You Can Help

You will help to collect scientific data on shark fisheries and help to identify and describe critical habitats for the Hammerhead Shark through Mision Tiburon’s shark tagging program. On an accompanying skiff that doubles as an open water research lab you will help fish, catch, measure, tag and then document the vital shark data.

You also “adopt” and name your own shark, receiving data and reports of it’s travels, whereabouts and growth over its lifespan.

This exclusive experience will be unlocked with a philanthropic donation of $10,000. You will spend the day supporting marine biologists in their efforts to conserve, protect and extend a massive biological corridor for the migration of sharks. You will be helping protect the Golfo Dulce as the first sanctuary for hammerhead sharks in the world.


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