Save Wolves – and Let Wolves Save the Ecosystem

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Save Wolves – and Let Wolves Save the Ecosystem

Wolves play an essential role in preserving and even enhancing ecosystems – they have demonstrably restored balance and helped all species thrive in Yellowstone – though sadly their viability is in crisis.
A vital step in securing wolves’ future is the creation of a wolf corridor to allow wolves to move freely from Mexico to Canada. This is in fact almost complete, with one missing link: Colorado.
Since the 1940s, when Colorado’s last wolf was killed, its ecosystem has suffered. A lack of natural balance means that too many elk and deer eat away the vegetation that holds streams and rivers back, leading to erosion and the disruption of even more habitats, like those for native beavers and songbirds. Wolves also naturally limit the spread of disease, such as Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), by taking vulnerable animals out of the population.
Join us this summer 2020 on a trip led by wolf expert and Montana Senator Mike Philips, beginning at the fabulous Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana to assimilate, then link up with Mike and continue down to Yellowstone and hike to “Ground Zero” where wolves were reintroduced and have shaped the thriving ecosystem there.
Mike will inspire and fascinate you with incredible stories and sights.
Then join local wolf expert Delia Malone in Colorado to see first-hand where the corridor needs to be.
Each trip includes a $10,000 donation to the Wolf Action Fund to help secure the legislation to enable the corridor to become a reality.

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