Lake District exploration by helicopter Chile

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Lake District exploration by helicopter Chile

Enjoy your unique heli-adventure in the stunning Lake District of Chile.

Take a ride between the millenary rainforests in Patagonia and get to know some of the most beautiful mountains and glaciers in the world. We dare you meet the monster face to face!

We take off from the Lodge heliport and fly up the Gualas Mountains to the Poicas River, continuing the ascent to Pinto Concha Lake on the slopes of Yates Volcano, then crossing to Hornopirén. We return across Cabrera Lake on the slopes of Apagado Volcano and over the west side of Yates Volcano toward Reloncavi Estuary, then finally along Puelo River back up to your lodge.


Fly to the granite walls at Cochamó: We leave from the Lodge and fly over Victoria Lake, above beautiful Barrancas Valley, and then to the Gorge of Cochamó – the massive vertical granite wall known by technical climbers as “The Monster”. Back down the Cochamó Valley, Trinity Rock is on our right, an impressive vertical granite wall 1000 meter (3000 feet) high with world class climbers holding on to their ropes. From the valley we can visit the rapids “slide” at La Junta River, hike to the base of Trinity Rock, Ampitheater Rock or Rainbow Rock. On the return flight we can spy the climbers at this mountaineering paradise, then head back to the Lodge.


Fly to Yates Volcano: We helicopter above lower Puelo River and Poicas River toward the east side of Yates Volcano, to see the immense ice crevasses and Sulphur plumes issued by the Volcano. We then fly over the Yates Glacier with a view of Hornopirén Volcano, Pinto Concha Lake and the Pacific Ocean. We land on the western side of the glacier for a short walk. We fly back over the western side of Yates and see the magnificent 45 degree slopes, ideal for heli skiing. Then we fly deeper up the Reloncavi Estuary, with a majestic view of the southern sides of Tronador, Puntiagudo, active Calbuco, and Osorno volcanos, before heading back to your Lodge along the Puelo River.

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“My wife and I wanted to travel through Chile, Bolivia and Peru and were slightly daunted by the logistics of organising such a varied trip.

John Resse, USA

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Chris was incredibly helpful not only mapping out the most exciting and engaging trip, but also using his extensive personal knowledge of the best things to do. They were reassuringly efficient in organising the trip, monitoring how we were doing during the trip and making adjustments to improve the trip.

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Chris’s passion and enthusiasm encouraged us to do things we wouldn't have thought to do, which gave us fantastic memories of the trip of a lifetime.”

Tony Thomas, USA

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