The canals of Tortuguero – Costa Rica

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The canals of Tortuguero – Costa Rica

Embark upon a journey to the untouched North Caribbean coast of the country for a complete change of landscape, flora and fauna.

Venice of the Tropics is only accessible by air and by boat through a maze of beautiful, intricate river networks and canals and lined dense tropical rainforest.

Reminiscent of the Amazon basin, this is a spectacular remote location to explore.

he day begins with an incredible flight into this remote region. The plane flies at a low altitude allowing for breathtaking views of the landscape below. Fly over the continental divide, look into the heart of Costa Rica’s volcanic mountain range. Be awe-inspired by this privileged perspective. From this viewpoint, you’ll come to grasp the variations of some of the most amazing natural environments, flying around craters and deep jungle valleys. Witness the landscape drastically change right before your eyes.

Landing in Tortuguero is an experience unto itself, this remote landing strip is something out of National Geographic, as you come in for landing on this beachside “airport” you can’t help but wonder, where in the world am I?

From the sky to the sea it’s time to immerse where no engine can. Traditional canoes are your next and only means of transportation.

Paddle and glide through endless black water canals with a local character, a living and very funny encyclopedia, as he reads the forest and points out Spider Monkeys, Poison Dart Frogs, Caimans, an abundance of birds and so much more! The incredible wildlife encounters are endless throughout the day.

The boat will come to rest at the humble docks in the town of Tortuguero. Here, be welcomed by locals, coconut trees, music and art. Get lost in the carless “streets” strolling around this tiny village of artisans and small pubs.

Complete your Caribbean visit with an authentic Caribbean style lunch at Miss Junie’s. Well known worldwide and considered the best representation of the Afro-Costa Rican culinary concept in the area.

Feeling satiated and with new admiration and respect for this magnificent untouched piece of the planet, it’s time once more to board your private plane and soar into the setting sun. Contemplate that as of today, the only place in the universe where we are confident life exists is on our little home, the third planet from the sun, mother earth.

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