The Giants of the Earth – Costa Rica

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The Giants of the Earth – Costa Rica

Observe the geothermal activity of both live and dormant volcanoes that make up this incredible ridge dividing the Caribbean & Pacific coasts.

Observe up close active and vegetative volcanic slopes, spend the day exploring two completely different eco-systems influenced by the same volcano.

From this privileged perspective grasp the variations of some of the most amazing natural environments.

Learn about the connection that these Giants of Planet Earth have with all life. From the nearby rivers to the lowlands of the Central American coasts, you’ll be in awe of the ecological evolution created by volcanoes.

Start your experience with a scenic flight over a volcanic mountain range, or a beautiful countryside drive through rural villages.

First stop is in the cloud forest surrounding an active volcano. Go on a short hike along a turquoise river to a wild cascading waterfall. The colour of this river will seem otherworldly, and it is.

Explore the magic behind what makes the colour of this river so vibrant as the river shares her story and teaches you that we are always discovering things for the first time. As we move through the landscape, and through life, there will always be something new.

Relax in these fresh, mineral-rich river pools and enjoy a light snack on the river’s edge.

Journey onward to your second stop in a completely different ecosystem, the tropical dry forest. Here, discover an entirely different river from the same volcano. This one carries thermal waters from an underground source very close to the magma. Experience first hand how the high level of heat and activity inside the Earth, close to a volcano, can provide opportunities for generating geothermal energy, just one of the ways that make Costa Rica a leader in renewable energy.

From the source to the destination, arrive at your own private natural hot springs. Experience first hand the healing powers of middle earth.

Enjoy a flavorful lunch created by your in-house chef using fresh ingredients from the tropical continent.

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