Whale Sharks and Copper Canyon – Mexico

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Whale Sharks and Copper Canyon – Mexico

Whale sharks

Every year (from early October until late spring) you can encounter the largest fish in the world, the gentle whale shark, to swim or dive with.

The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, with reliable reports of some as long as 54 ft (18 m).

Whale sharks are found worldwide in almost all tropical and some warm temperate waters. They are highly migratory and aggregate seasonally in well defined areas in response to increased productivity and food availability.

Satellite tracking has demonstrated long distance movements north from Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia, to Indonesia and Christmas Island; from the Seychelles to Somalia, Tanzania and Thailand (max. distance travelled 3, 400 miles (5,000 km)); from Taiwan north into the Kuroshio Current; and return migration between Yucatan Peninsula and Florida Straits.

Whale sharks are harmless pelagic filter-feeders. Their diet includes zooplankton, squids, fish eggs and small fishes including sardines, anchovies, mackerels and small tunas. They use a combination of active suction-feeding and passive ram-feeding.

Whale sharks have been observed in many parts of the World hanging vertically, almost motionless with their heads near the surface amongst schools of bait fishes that are being bailed up by tunas. As the small fish crowd around the head of the whale shark to avoid the tuna the shark opens its mouth sucking in most, or all of the “bait ball”. When feeding like this whale sharks occasionally lift their snouts out of the water as they swallow.

At Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia they aggregate to feed on zooplankton blooms that follow mass coral spawning on the reef.

Todos Santos

After this extraordinary encounter, we head to Todos Santos for a tour of this magical town, and enjoy some horse riding on the beach or drive dune buggies along the shore.

Copper Canyon

An intimate and unforgettable experience awaits with the cultural, historical, active travel and natural highlights of the Copper Canyon. This lost in time canyon features wild west pueblos and stark plateaus and soaring peaks. Combine cultural, natural and active travel into pristine wilderness settings with amazing landscapes and visits to local villages and off the beaten path towns.

 Unforgettable Helicopter flights with incredible views of the Copper Canyon
 Spectacular vistas into the Urique and Copper Canyons
 Tarahumara / Rarámuri indigenous communities of the High Sierra
 Tarahumara crafts cooperatives and unique pine needle woven baskets as well as interaction with these lovely people.
 Witness a Tarahumara Celebration and Night Run!

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