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How to Help on World Animal Day

Today is World Animal Day, and to help you commemorate this, here are some ways you can help conserve animals on your next luxury vacation:

Monkeys and parrots – Costa Rica

In addition to zip-lining, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, and more, you can help at a wildlife rescue center: preparing meals for monkeys, parrots, and more, feeding them, maintaining their enclosures, and assisting the vet on his daily rounds as you all learn an enormous amount about the animals.


Elephants – Thailand, Sri Lanka, and India

In any of these fabulous Asian destinations, you can help conserve elephants who face habitat loss and mistreatment. All of our partners have a ‘no riding’ policy and aim to create a natural environment for elephants to rediscover what it is to be free.

You can help prepare their meals, feed them, walk with them, and watch them socialize, learning loads about these gentle giants throughout.


Turtles – Greece, Turkey, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka

All seven species of sea turtle are endangered, and all can have the number of hatchlings reaching adulthood increase with your help. You can assist with daily (and nightly) patrols, protecting nests from predators (and humans), freeing trapped turtles from fishing nets, and more, depending on the time of year.


Bears – Romania

Romania is a hidden European gem, and in addition to stunning scenery, fascinating rural life, picturesque churches, and of course Dracula’s castle, Romania has one of the highest brown bear populations in Europe. You can observe them from ideally located hides in the wild, and you can help at a rescue center: maintaining bear enclosures, creating enrichments to stimulate them, and preparing their meals.


Penguins – New Zealand

Although the borders are closed to New Zealand, when they reopen, this ‘land of the long white cloud’ is well known as a paradise, with several unique species of wild animals and birds.

We can take you on a spellbinding night walk to encounter kiwis in the wild, and you can volunteer with penguins, by maintaining trails and planting native trees in penguin habitats.


Kangaroos – Australia

When Australia’s borders reopen (possibly as early as next month for vaccinated visitors), we can take you to many locations to observe Australia’s iconic species, including koalas, wombats, platypuses, emus, and cockatoos. Moreover, we can take you to the Blue Mountains where you can assist researchers in conserving kangaroos, play a part in regenerating and rebuilding eroded areas along river beds, and conduct survey counts of these bouncing wonders.


Helping on any of these projects is a fabulous family bonding activity that will also inspire your kids to be world-changing conservationists, so that these species will be around for your grandchildren…and their grandchildren!

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Christopher Hill and team

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