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How Will A Luxury Family Volunteer Vacation Benefit Your Family?

Mark Twain, one of the most brilliant literary minds of all time, was once quoted as saying “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” Considering what a huge and absolutely beautiful planet we live on, it is somewhat heartbreaking that countless people never leave their place of birth, let alone get to see other parts of the world. There are countless ways to explore foreign destinations including carefully planned luxury tours that combine incredible sightseeing, relaxation, and meaningful volunteering (aka “a luxury family volunteer vacation”).

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The idea of volunteering as a family for part of your luxury vacation is rapidly growing in popularity. The reasons behind families opting to volunteer are often as diverse as the families themselves. Some parents may choose to take a break from their demanding careers but don’t want to leave their families behind while others see family volunteering as the perfect way to instill good values and morals in their children. Regardless of the reason, family volunteering provides a family with an incredible opportunity to explore some of the most remarkable countries and cities in the world while enriching their souls while performing good deeds. There are, of course, benefits for the family unit as well:

1. You will engage in real conversations and get immersed in the culture

Our daily lives are often ruled by technology such as television screens, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. We spend a great deal of our free time with our eyes glued to an electronic device, paying very little attention to the world around us. Volunteering as a family unit will provide you with quality time during which you can interact the way you are intended to – free of outside distraction. Volunteering supplies the entire family with a common goal, necessitating everyone to work together towards it. Depending on what type of volunteer work you sign up for, it can be very hard work. Every member of the family will be challenged on some level making it vitally important to support each other fully. Challenges can be both physical or mental and talking about it after a long day will bring the family closer together. A luxury family voluntourism trip can only ever be successful if the family functions as a team. Once you realize that you can achieve more together than any one member can on his/her own you will start working together better and having a lot more fun doing so as well.

2. Generosity is a valuable trait for children to develop

When you volunteer as a family you are presented with a priceless opportunity to change the lives of people (and animals) who truly need it. The younger members of the family can benefit extensively from learning, and firsthand experiencing, what a difference generosity can make in the world. Far too many children go through their entire lives without knowing how other people live. People who have witnessed the hardships of others are more likely to appreciate what they themselves have while acknowledging the importance of paying it forward and sharing their own good fortune with others.

luxury volunteering in Bali Indonesia

The above photo is of a family who built a disabled accessible bathroom for Sanjeev, a paraplegic living in a remote part of Bali, Indonesia. This bathroom changed Sanjeev’s life, as he became able to go to the bathroom unaided for the first time in his life, which worked wonders for his dignity and autonomy.

Imagine the impact this would have on your family if you contributed in this way as part of your next luxury family vacation! Your kids are likely to return home with a more grateful, appreciative, and caring outlook.

Regardless of where you choose to volunteer and what volunteer work you decide to do, your own life and that of your family will be greatly enriched. There is no better gift to give those you love than a luxury  vacation that will provide you not only with an opportunity to visit a beautiful travel destination but the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime as well.

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