Luxury family volunteering
Here are some tips to ensure the volunteering portion of your luxury family vacation is well used, maximized and makes a great impact not only to you but to the people you are seeking to help.

The Do’s

Get to know the project, get to know the community.

Make sure financial matters are transparent, and that your money directly benefits the project. Research on the organization you will be working with – background checking is important before partnering with them. Is there an available translator for easier communication?

Research the country you are visiting.
Know all the issues it faces. Read so you will have a grasp of their unique culture. You don’t want to be stepping on their norms and end up being rude and disrespectful. Get in touch with previous volunteers- they can give you first hand feedback.

See if your skills are good fit.
Always gauge whether your skills match the needs of the project and the community. This ensures you will be productive and the community will benefit from your stay. Keep in mind that not all projects require skills – the benefit you may be bringing is the funding to get a need met, such as a house for a needy family.

Get out there and get dirty.
Shake it! Let loose. Get out of your comfort zone and reach out! Take time to interact with and get to know the locals you are working with, hear their stories, gain insights into their lives. Immerse yourself in the richness and uniqueness of the culture. You can learn from them.

Give even more.
It’s amazing to help alongside with the locals, but donating money beyond the funds needed for your project helps do even more good.

The Don’ts

Don’t assume you already know it all.
No, you don’t. Learn thoroughly before you begin embarking on the project. Learn how to use the hammer, saw, all the tools before starting on your building project.

Don’t just give away things.
Giving things away may encourage begging, and providing a community with things without involving them can foster dependency. It is fantastic to bring items for donation, but give them to your partner organization so they can distribute them properly (and ask them for what it is best to bring).

A voluntourism trip can be a bit daunting. We can make it easy for you. If you are looking for a luxury family voluntourism vacation, let us handle it for you. Email us at

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