philanthropic travel BoliviaSouth America is one of the most popular destinations. It is home to attractive colonial cities, wildlife, and extraordinary sights. Visiting one country is great, but due to the diversity, if you have the time, a multi-country trip is incredible. This article outlines how you can make a multi-country trip meaningful, specifically Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Peru Start exploring Lima, Peru’s capital and gastronomic mecca, go down to the coastline through beaches, deserts and dunes and enigmatic Nazca Lines, then enter the Andean mountains to encounter colonial Cusco, the Sacred Valley and magnificent Machu Picchu. It is in the Sacred Valley where you can make your multi-country trip meaningful: – you can help install an eco-friendly stove for a family – renovate a bathroom for a family – prepare a healthy, nourishing meal for school children who often don’t get the calories they need each day Your family will bond together, gain insights into the lives of others less fortunate, and inspire your children to be world changers. Bolivia From there, a beautiful train ride takes you to Lake Titicaca and the border crossing into Bolivia. Spend a couple of nights on Moon and Sun Islands and explore the pre-Inca ruins of Tiwanaku then onward to La Paz, the highest capital city in the world! You can also make your multi-country trip meaningful here: – you can renovate a day care center in a low-income part of La Paz A shot flight takes you to another of South America’s scenic highlights, the sublime salt flats of Uyuni. This is the perfect spot for “trick photography” as the horizon is endless. We can arrange for you to explore the terrain in a retro Airstream camper. Chile Continue on the Atacama Desert in Chile, replete with flamingos, hot springs, and one of our all time favorite hotels: Awasi Atacama. Seeing the stars at night is an unparalleled experience. Here are some other highlights to consider adding to your multi-country adventure: • Arequipa and Colca Canyon in Peru • The Peruvian Amazon (you can explore by luxury boat or lodge) • The Pantanal in Bolivia (best place to see wildlife such as jaguar or puma) • Colonial Potosi and the world’s largest silver mine in Bolivia • The vineyards of Chile’s wine district • Exploring the lake district • Hiking in the Torres del Paine National Park • Take a day trip flight to sub-Antarctic islands to see penguins Truly an astonishing multi-country trip, through the varied landscapes, histories and cultures of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Each one is unique and comes with beauty, challenges, adventures and the opportunity to help and make a difference which you will remember for a lifetime where you can leave a legacy. Interested? Contact us and a South American specialist will be delighted to help make your luxury multi-country trip meaningful.

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