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Traveling is one of the best activities you can experience with your family but family vacations need a lot of planning and preparation and it is also essential to be safe when traveling.

Be vigilant and get your kids vaccinated.
Before you travel, check if the destination you are visiting is virus and outbreak-free. Make sure your kids have updated immunizations. Visit your physician for additional recommended vaccinations.

Keep a First Aid kit.
Bring a first aid kit and stock up on vitamins, medicines, bandages, sterile bandages, etc. It always helps to have these things handy in case of emergency.

Get travel insurance.
In a medical emergency, you don’t want to put your kids at risk in an unknown hospital abroad. There are many good travel-insurance companies that offer great services and use the best hospitals all around the world. We can recommend an insurance policy for you.

Research your accommodation before you leave home.
Search the internet for information and photos of the room, find out about the furniture and fixtures that are inside the room and know other aspects of the room that need to be addressed. If information is not available online, contact the hotel by phone, or if you book through us, we can do all this for you.

Kid-proof the hotel room.
Check your hotel rooms. Scrutinize the premises for dangers: furniture, bathrooms, the amenities, the floors and facilities.
Some countries have parasitic infection problems and kids are susceptible to such so remind them to put on their footwear all the time.

Be careful with kids’ food and water.
Eat at kid-friendly restaurants and be careful about the drinking water. Kids are prone to stomach upsets and that can be dangerous. Make sure that water is potable.

Avoid stray animals
Most children like animals and they like to touch and play with them. In some countries rabies is a major problem so during your travel, instruct them not to come and touch any stray animal – better safe than sorry.

Discuss with your kids about swimming pool safety
It’s better to let your kids use the kiddie pool but if there’s none available and they want to use the regular pool, they must be accompanied.

Make use of travel ID wristbands
Have a bright colored band around your child’s wrist containing emergency contact info. This will be helpful in the event that you get separated.

Teach older kids how to use the phone in case of emergency.
Older kids should know how to dial the hotel phone (i.e. dial “0” first before the number) and teach them how to dial emergency numbers like 911-in the U.S. of course, but varies in differrent countries so find out the emergency number in whatever country you are visiting.

Store your hotel’s phone number
Store the hotel number in your mobile phone or write it down in your notebook or journal.

Bottom line: traveling with your family is incredibly fun and rewarding but it really requires a bit of research, readiness and alertness. Take note of these tips, travel safe and enjoy!