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Why you should leave your shoe in the hotel safe

Esther, a KLM flight attendant shares “6 Hotel Hacks from a Flight Attendant” in a whistlestop clip shared on TikTok, Esther, a KLM crew member— with one suggestion seeming quite random: put your shoe in your hotel room safe.

“Worried about forgetting something from your locker? Put your heel/shoe in it so you won’t forget it!” she wrote while showing herself putting a heel in her hotel room safe. This way, you can’t go without retrieving your shoe and your valuables alongside it. 

Love it.

Here are some of Esther’s other tips: use a hanger to create total darkness by clipping your curtains closed. (Naturally, this one only works with those hangers with clips attached.) Next, Esther advised that if your international charging device isn’t working, take your phone’s USB plug and plug it into the back of the hotel’s TV . 

“What else is a shower cap useful for?” Esther continued in her video. “Use it as a cover over your shoes!” Place the cap over your dirty shoes before putting them back in your luggage so they don’t mess the rest of your gear. 

For her final two tips, Esther said your shower cap can also be used as a protective barrier over the remote control, which is one of the dirtiest spots in hotel rooms that hardly ever get cleaned. And finally, Esther pointed out that you don’t need to use your hotel room keycard to activate the electricity: you can use any card (think credit cards or even a library card) to keep the lights on (use this with discretion, from an eco perspective!). 

The video has more than 52,000 likes and counting. To top it, Esther has followed up with a Part 2 video: 

Let us know which ones you find the most useful, and if you have any tips of your own to share!

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