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Luxury philanthropic trip costa rica

At Impact Destinations, most of our unique encounters that are unlocked by your philanthropic donation relate to conserving wildlife, so with World Wildlife Day this week, it is perfect timing to introduce you to what is possible when you travel on a luxury philanthropic trip with us.

Save a Rhino – Southern Africa 

Whilst on safari in South Africa, you can witness a rhino relocation from a heavily poached reserve to a safe one in Botswana – you get to sit in the helicopter while the vet darts the rhino, then land and spend time with the sedated rhino before seeing it airlifted off to safety in Botswana. Discover More

Track Jaguar in the Wild – Costa Rica

The jaguar is the biggest cat in the America’s with the strongest bites of all cats, even all mammals. As a top-level carnivore, the big cat helps prevent overgrazing of vegetation by keeping its prey populations in balance. Jaguars are also important in human culture, frequently playing a central role in stories, songs and prayers of indigenous people.

Yet today, jaguars have been almost completely eliminated, but there are a few left in Central and South America. We know where to find them, so can take you there to experience the thrill of witnessing them in the wild on your luxury philanthropic trip.

Save a Giraffe – Southern Africa

As part of your time in Namibia, you can fund the costs of capturing desert-adapted giraffe from herds where they are relatively abundant and relocated to an area that can support giraffe, and help extend the species’ life.

Track Arctic Foxes – Iceland

In return for a donation to Arctic Fox conservation, we will take you to remote northwestern Iceland where you can join our expert trackers and spot these delightful animals.

This is best done from June to September, and you may also see the White Tailed Eagle, Seals and Whales. This makes for an unforgettable wildlife photographic experience.

Save an Orangutan family – Indonesia

Orangutans are facing extinction due to loss of habitat from deforestation to make way for palm oil production, which orangutans can’t live on. You can fund the costs to bring a family of orangutans from one of these areas and accompany them to the release site, a safe island where they can thrive. Discover More

Track snow leopards – Himalayas 

Men (and women) wanted for hazardous journey, no wages, bitter cold.

The wild and remote locations means that you are surrounded by wildlife with wolves, Ibex and Himalayan fox, snow cock, lammergeier, Himalayan Griffon, golden eagles and much else.

You have virtually exclusive access to this amazing area, and you can decide how much walking you want to do. Accompany our trackers following the remarkable snow leopards. Throughout you are also putting money directly into local communities by way of the local accommodation and employing guides and trackers.

Truly a once in a lifetime photographic and wildlife experience, this private Snow Leopard Journey offers an unmissable opportunity to meet Asia’s “mountain ghost” whilst travelling to a selection of India’s most iconic destinations. Find Out More

Help fund a cure for Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumors – Australia

Tasmanian Devils are an incredible animal, but are suffering from a deadly facial tumor. Research is afoot to find a cure, and you can contribute to – and accelerate – this. In return for your donation, we will take you to an island near Tasmania where the Devils do not suffer from the tumor, and you can track them in the wild on your luxury philanthropic trip. Discover More

Track Pumas in the wild – Chile

Chile’s awesome Torres del Paine offer some of the finest hikes in the world, and amidst this spectacular scenery, you can track pumas in the wild – our guides know the best spots to find them, all in luxury. Find Out More

Conserve Spinner Dolphins – Costa Rica  

Off the Osa Peninsula fish swim with thousands of Spinner Dolphins in this marine heaven. Considered to be one of the most cetacean-rich areas in the world, the marine life here is abundant with pods of pan-tropic spotted, bottlenose, spinner and common dolphins as well as humpback, pilot, sperm and blue whales, giant manta rays, sea turtles and more.

Through this vast, borderless, open-ocean ecosystem swim large pods of spinner dolphins. They live here in unprotected waters. They gather in startling numbers to greet you with an acrobatic performance. Mark Twain wrote about these beautiful free spirits, and scientists have been studying them for years.

Hundreds of dolphins breach out 9 feet in the air, twisting their body into curves or spins up to 7 times in a single leap!

You will spend the day searching for a spinner dolphin superpod, swimming with thousands of dolphins and other marine life all while exclusively enjoying one of the most cetacean-rich areas of the world. Discover More

Conserve Kiwis – New Zealand

In exchange for a donation to WWF New Zealand, you are taken out in search of native Kiwi birds – a wonderful nocturnal experience that most New Zealanders don’t even get the opportunity for.

The kiwi is New Zealand’s most iconic native species.
The small, flightless birds adorn everything from New Zealand’s one dollar coin to it’s Air Force. But they need your help.

A life spent on the ground carries with it many risks, and the characteristics that make kiwi unique have also put it in danger of extinction. As many as 95% of kiwi chicks born outside of pest controlled areas do not survive past six months. The biggest threats to kiwi are introduced predators such as dogs and stoats, loss of habitat, and us.

Your donation helps create more predator free reserves where kiwi can thrive – you help secure the future of this most iconic of species. Read more

Conserve Wild Salmon – Canada

With your donation to The Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society you will be invited on an exclusive wild salmon conservation day. The salmon are the backbone of this entire region and they are a fascinating but threatened species.

You will meet an expert who is the most influential researcher and activist for wild salmon on Canada’s west coast, who will guide you on a tour of the Salmon Coast field station before boating to a salmon bearing river with a biologist where you will catch a salmon in order to obtain a DNA sample.

This is an educational day that combines conservation biology, stunning scenery cruising on the coastline and bear viewing with experienced and enigmatic biologists along to inform and inspire. This experience is suited for wildlife enthusiasts and anyone interested in the scientific aspect of the Canadian coastline. Read More

Protect the Endangered Axolotl – Mexico

The axolotl (pronounced ACK‐suh‐LAH‐tuhl) salamander has the rare trait of retaining its larval features throughout its adult life. Found exclusively in the channel complex of Xochimilco, within the limits of Mexico City, axolotls differ from most other salamanders in that they live permanently under water.
This salamander once made its home in the interconnected lakes that filled the basin of Tenochtitlan, where Mexico City now stands.

Yet, due to centuries of development and pollution, scientists warn that they could entirely disappear by 2020. The Mexican government has taken action, establishing the Ejidos de Xochimilco Protected Natural Area to try to safeguard what is left of the Axolotl’s diminished habitat. This experience, part of your luxury philanthropic trip to Mexico is a great way to support the effort of helping the Axolotl survive!

Conserve Hammerhead Sharks – Costa Rica 

Just off the Osa Peninsula, you board your luxury yacht and join marine biologists and research teams in their tagging and tracking efforts of the Hammerhead Shark, spending the day in one of the largest marine protected areas in the world, the Golfo Dulce.

As part of your luxury philanthropic trip you will help to collect scientific data on shark fisheries and help to identify and describe critical habitats for the Hammerhead Shark through Mision Tiburon’s shark tagging program. On an accompanying skiff that doubles as an open water research lab you will help fish, catch, measure, tag and then document the vital shark data. Discover More

You will spend the day supporting marine biologists in their efforts to conserve, protect and extend a massive biological corridor for the migration of sharks. You will be helping protect the Golfo Dulce as the first sanctuary for hammerhead sharks in the world.

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