conservation volunteering australiaWorld Wildlife Day is on Sunday the 3rd of March, which is an opportune time to elaborate on how you can make a difference conserving what remains of precious wildlife as part of a luxury volunteer vacation. Discover the joys of wildlife conservation volunteering.

In Costa Rica you can assist at a wildlife rescue center and care for monkeys, parrots, peccaries and more by preparing their meals, feeding them, creating “enrichments” and assisting the vet on his daily rounds. Perfect for kids to discover about a wide range of wildlife. Eco-luxury accommodation options abound here.

In Thailand and India (and Sri Lanka – not yet live on our site yet, but we can still make it happen for you), you can help at an elephant rescue center, preparing meals and feeding them, walking with them and watching them bathe and socialize, whilst learning an enormous amount about these gentle giants.

In Australia, for your wildlife conservation volunteering you can give a helping hand to researchers working to conserve kangaroos, wallabies and wallaroos, and protect their habitat in the stunning Blue Mountains.

New Zealand has the smallest species of penguins, and you can protect them from predators such as rats, cats and dogs by building predator-proof boxes for them to nest in, as these little guys sleep quite some distance from the sea and are vulnerable to attack.

In Costa Rica and Bali (and Greece and Sri Lanka) wildlife conservation volunteering enables you to protect another aquatic species from predators – sea turtles: protect their nests and clear the beaches from debris that can kill even mature turtles. And if you are there during hatching season, you can witness the extraordinary sight of hundreds of baby turtles doing what instinct has taught them to do for millions of years and head out to sea.

Continuing the marine theme, if you can dive, in Belize you can assist with coral reef restoration efforts and also with the removal of the invasive lionfish (which fortunately makes a delicious ceviche!)

In Romania you can help set camera traps to assist researchers in studying Europe’s largest mammal and further the efforts to prolong their lives.

In Namibia for your wildlife conservation volunteering you can reduce human-elephant conflict (and elephant death) and dig an alternative water source away from human settlements for desert adapted elephants to enjoy on their journeying.

Still in Africa, in Kenya you can take part in wildlife surveys and even play a part in establishing a new wildlife conservancy to extend the Masai Mara’s area for wildlife to roam.

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